This video is part of the FertileHeartedHuman Project I initiated after 9/11.

At this stage of our human story, we don’t need to be children of parents who survived the Shoah, to heed the call for a saner way of treating each other.

At this stage of our human story every one of us is a descendant of survivors.

The idea is not to let the lives of the victims of hateful actions become tales of long ago and far away.

The idea is to claim them; to claim each life lost to violence, as a life of a beloved kin and then to

do something, Do something. Do something.

Three is a poem from The One-Heart Revolution, a collection of essays and poems documenting the 9/11 Bowing Project by Julia Indichova (Adell Press 2019)

The intention of the FertileHeartedHuman Project is to contribute to a more meaningful public dialogue about the roots of violence and

  • to affirm our ability as conscious adults to channel painful feelings into a creative force
  • to acknowledge our responsibility as members of the earth-community, to actively engage in reducing suffering caused by tragic consequences of violence.
  • to eliminate the depletion of our common resources and the environmental devastation caused by the destructive effects of wars.