9/11 Bowing Journal

It Takes So Little

It’s the 11th and I thought I’d be bowing in my beautiful official Turn It Around tee-shirt. I even ironed one of them for the occasion. Instead I grabbed Ed’s oversize raincoat since mine was nowhere to be found.

“You’re slowing down the planet. All this technology is making us spin out of control.” said a tall, thoughtful, kind-faced man after reading the text on my banner. “It’s very gracious what you’re doing,and artistic. I like the gentle shade of blue,” he added.

Julia Indichova Bowing Project spring day blue coat

I’m Julia. I’m Mark. We shook hands and he was gone, but what he gave me was enough sustenance for the next few months of bowing.

This monthly job I volunteered for is rewarding in itself. I tell myself it doesn’t really matter if anyone stops to say hi. But it does. Encouragement encourages. I think we all need it. It takes so little to do that for someone else. A word, a nod, a smile. It takes so little and it can make such a difference.

Thank you, Mark, for the encouragement.

How would you like to be encouraged these days? Is there someone among your friends or loved ones who could use a kind word?