All Day Workshop

Introducing the Fertile Heart Ovum Birthing Practice as an Activist Tool

 with Author Julia Indichova

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The longing to create springs from the most tender, truthful place within us. Whether one yearns to birth a baby, a book, a publishing company, a piece of art — or a peaceful world – the process remains the same. Conception, Gestation, Labor, Surrender to the Creative Force, and finally Birth. A conscious birthing, is always a time of growth and deep healing for the individual. When the birth is accompanied by a more aware relationship with ourselves and others, it becomes a source of healing for the entire human community.

The Fertile Heart®OVUM practice is an original practice with a set of ideas, and tools that unfolded for Julia Indichova when—faced with a hopeless diagnosis—she embarked on a pilgrimage to defy the authority of statistics. After the birth of her daughter, she went on to apply the same tools to birthing books, audio and video programs, a global online community, a series of workshops, the 9/11 Bowing Project, and more.

In the Birth Your Next Creation & Repair the Earth program we’ll work with –

  • the metaphor of birthing our creations through the OVUM model
  • the idea of the “catch 22”of longing to create
  • the notion of co-creating a conception – friendly inner and outer space
  • the liberating principle of no mistakes
  • the use of language as an instrument of creation
  • accessing guidance through the Fertile Heart® Ovum Process tools: Imagery, Body Truth, Language, Dream Reading and more.
  • the idea of creation as a conscious revelatory process
  • identifying the necessary elements of our own dynamic birthing practice